Socio Economics and Planning Centre is one of the major centres of the Department of Agriculture(DOA),Sri Lanka.Originally in the late 1960's it had been reported as a small unit under the Extension Division of the DOA and it was introduced as an independent body of the DOA as the division of Agricultural Economics in early 1970's'.

In 1976, adding some more responsibilities , it was named as the division of Agricultural Economics, Farm Management and Statistics headed by the Senior Agricultural Economist. Considering the importance of the activities handled by the Division further ,it was renamed as the Division of Agricultural Economics and Project and the position of the head was upgraded as Deputy Director in 1982. In 1984 , again renaming the Division was taken place Division of Agricultural Economics and Planning. Under the restructuring of the Department of Agriculture on 1994, the Centre got the present name of Socio Economics and Planning Centre(SEPC) headed by a Director. In 1998, one of the major units of the Department, the Progress Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (PEMU) managed by a senior Deputy Director was combined to the centre.

In 2004, Socio-economic research and policy analysis concentrated on focusing changes resulting from global trade liberalization, adoption of modern technology, post harvest and processing, resource utilization and environment, agricultural marketing and food security issues. The Centre contributed to streamlining various programmes of the DOA by identifying and prioritizing research agenda and guiding policy makers in developing strategies for solving problems concerning food shortage, especially in the context ofrecent changes in whether pattern and global and domestic economic changes. The Centre investigated main socio-economic problems and policies related to resource utilization in the food crops sector, and the findings are presented in this report. In addition, a comprehensive programme to build a database on cost and returns of all major food crops on district and seasonal basis was continued.

Vision of the SEPC is to help DOA and Ministry of Agriculture(M/A) to achieve the excellence of Agriculture in Sri Lanka by ensuring the adoption of new technologies, which are economically feasible, socially or culturally acceptable and environmentally friendly.

SEPC has a broad mission to conduct ssocio-economic research and agricultural policy analysis needed by the DOA and M/A.It also assists the M/A in analysis and drafting of agricultural policies The SEPC maintains a statistical unit to facilitate the conduct of research within DOA dna coordinates the locally and foreign funded project of rhe DOA as well.


Formulation of Policy options
Socio economic researches and policy analysis streamlined to meet the emerging trend to formu;ate policy options pertaining to food crop agricu;tural sectors in order to solve the national problems of food production and enhance farm family income.

Assuring Effective Implementation of Project and Programmes
Monitor and evaluate all approved activities undertaken by the Department of Agriculture and to provide routine information to the Director General of Agriculture to effect high efficiency.


Mr Perera T.H.C.S


Dr Herath R.M