Achieve excellence in Agriculture through increase quality seed and planting materials


Increase of required quality seed and planting materials for farmers through development of seed industry with the participation of public and private sector

  • Production of basic seed and planting material In govt. farms and distribution
  • Production of certified seed under contract growing and distribution.
  • Management of govt. farms
  • Seed enterprise development and co-ordination
  • Maintenance of buffer seed – stocks
  • Coordination of seeds and planting material supply

Mr. K.D.Pushpananda

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Responsible Field of DOA

  • Basic Seed Production and Distribution
  • Planting Materials Production & Distribution
  • Seed Industry Development
  • Seed & Planting Material related Capacity Building

Main Activities

  • Co – ordination of Seed Industry
  • Management of Farms & units
  • Basic & Certified Seed Paddy Production
  • Basic & Standard Vegetable Seed prod.
  • Basic & Certified OFC Seed Production
  • Pre Basic, Basic & Certified Seed Potato Production using Tissue culture Technique
  • Quality Planting Material Production (Budded, Rooted Cutting, Seeding etc.)
  • Seeds Processing
  • Seed Storage
  • Maintain Seed Buffer Stocks
  • Distribution of Seed and Planting Materials
  • Training on Seed Industry & Market Promotion