There has been significant contribution for increased production of important crops and commodities in Sri Lanka during last five decades.  The crop improvement programme in the country played a leading role for this achievement. The Department of Agriculture (DOA) has always been the main stake holder in development of crop varieties for the country.

In order to release good, appropriate new varieties DOA has standard and uniform testing and releasing procedure. Further, it provided the regulations needed for varietal release with the support from ‘DUS’ test conducted by Seed Certification Services (SCS) of DOA.


Varietal   Release Committee (VRC) on release of crop varieties for the country is chaired by the Director General of Agriculture (DGA) of the DOA. He appointed a secretary for the VRC. The members of the releasing committee consist with the technical committee of VRC appointed by DGA, Directors Deputy Directors and senior officials from Research, Extension and Training, Seed Certification Services, Seed and Planting Materials, Plant Protection Services and Socio economic division of DOA.


The researchers, mostly breeders who developed or identified the germplasm or new line will present all the required data and chairperson allows discussing the data with the audience. At last the chairperson will recommend/release or reject the variety considering all the comments.

Variety releasing committee meeting -2013

Variety releasing committee meeting will be held on, Thursday the 28th of November 2013 from 9.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m at In-service Training Institute Gannoruwa.

Calling Nomination for new Varities

Variety Releasing Committee of Department of Agriculture calling  nomination for new variety 2013.

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