Tropical Agriculturist 2016

Performances of different breeding methods based on the estimated genetic parameters in F4, F5 and F6 generation advancements of cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata (L). Walp)

M.C. Millawithanachchi, V. A. Sumanasinghe, A.P. Bentota, B.N. Samaranayake and N.T. Prathapasinghe

Morphological and molecular characterization of trichoderma isolates used as bio-control agents in Sri Lanka

R.G.A.S. Rajapakse, F.S. Fariz, W.A.R.T. Wickramarachchi, D.M.K.K. Dissanayake, M.P.T. Premarathne and K.J.P.K. Kahawatte

Diversity and correlation among agronomic traits in newly improved rice varieties under driling and random broadcasting

T.K. Illangakoon, J.M.N.P. Somaratne, S.S. Paththinige, R.S.K. Keerthisena, C.H. Piyasiri, S.D. Abeysundara and I.H. Thushara

Long term application of organic manure and chemical fertilizers on rice productivity and fertility in paddy growing soils in Kurunegala district

D. N. Sirisena, W. M .N. Wanninayake and A. G. S. D. Silva

Toxic trace elements in vegetables collected from markets in Kandy district

N. R. N. Silva, P. Weerasinghe, H. D. K. Rathnapriya

Seed borne pathogens associated with seed lots of major food crops of Sri Lanka

M.G.D.L. Priyantha, A.R.J. Athukorala, J.A.V.J. Jayasinghe, M. Sato and H. Takahashi

Glycemic index of improved rice varieites as influenced by degree of polishing and proximate composition including amylose content

R. F. Hafeel, L.B.A.P. Amararathna, T.H.T. Chamintha, A.P. Bentota, D.S.De Z. Abeysiriwardana, S.K.J. Muhandiram and B. Perumpuli

Transmission and host range studies of sri lankan isolate of chilli veinal mottle virus in chilli

C. Ranasinghe, B. Dharmarathna, R.T. Ekanayake and S. Geethika

Determination of effect of cooking on total polyphenol content, ascorbic acid content and antioxidant activity of five common green leafy vegetables and curry leaves in Sri Lanka

S.M.A.C.U. Senarathne, D.K. Wijerathne, K.W.P.D. Karandawala, K.H. Sarananda

Critical period for weed control in big onion (Allium cepa l.) At two different agro-ecological zones of Sri Lanka

D.P.P. Liyanage, D.R. Wenaka, D.L.Wathugala, H.R.C.Niroshani,

Performance of Bw rice varieties grown in three different soil types in the wet zone of Sri Lanka

W.R.K.D.W.K.V. Wickramasinghe, S.P. Gunarathne, D.M. Jayasundara, H.A.I. Sajeewani, K. D. S. Samararatne and J.B.K. Kannagara

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