ASDA 2021

ASDA is a platform for public discussion, debate and criticism of research output of technical officers of the Department of Agriculture (DOA). Technical expertise covers a wide spectrum of subject areas and functions (research, extension, seed and planting material production and certification, plant protection and quarantine, education and training). ASDA promotes speedy transfer of new technologies among potential end-users. Innovative approaches, not necessarily directly link with research, introduced by media experts and other service providers are given due recognition.

Two concurrent technical sessions and a poster presentation are conducted on two consecutive days. A session will have 4-5 presentations of 15 - minute duration with a 5 – minute discussion at the end of each presentation. The presentations accommodated are published in the annals of the Sri Lanka Department of Agriculture. Cash awards are given to all presenters. Six cash awards are presented to the Best Scientist (a gold medal), Best Young Scientist, three outstanding non-research contributors and the best research paper.


  • To create a forum for officers of the Department of Agriculture to present and share their technical expertise with other members of the scientific community and others engaged in agricultural development in the country, for mutual benefit.

  • To advertise the new work carried out by the officers of the DOA.

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